November 30

Tax Law Changes Benefit Families with Education Expenses

Reading Time: 2 minutes     People often worry about how they’ll afford college for their children and grandchildren, but education costs start much earlier than adulthood. While every state offers free public education for all children, some parents choose private schools instead and the average cost of tuition for private schools can soar to over $10,000 a year..

November 5

Introducing Ryan Barnoski

Reading Time: 3 minutes     Ryan Barnoski, the newest partner at Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C., is an experienced CPA and business adviser who believes that customer service and education are the most important components of his job. Ryan excels at helping his clients grow and develop – he believes in educating and empowering people so that.

September 6

South Dakota V. Wayfair: The Supreme Court Weighs in on Online Sales Taxes

Reading Time: 3 minutes     In June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made a significant decision regarding sales taxes and online businesses. The ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair affirmed that a state can now collect taxes from an internet retailer even if the company lacks a physical presence there.   What the Supreme Court made clear, however,.

June 25

26th Annual Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle Golf for Charity Tournament

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Lanigan, Ryan is excited to announce that thanks to the generous support of participants, sponsors, friends, and family, the 26th Annual Golf for Charity Tournament raised over $10,000 for HEROES, Inc. and The Independence Fund.   The tournament, held this past May at the Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, Maryland, was graced.

April 2

Light a Beacon to your Business with a Mission Statement

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Every company, big or small, should have a mission statement. Why? When carefully conceived and well written, a mission statement can serve as a beacon to the world — letting everyone know what the business stands for and where it’s headed. It can build customer loyalty and mobilize people behind a common cause..

March 26

Home vs. Away: The Company Retreat Conundrum

Reading Time: 2 minutes     When a business decides to hold a retreat for its employees, the first question to be answered usually isn’t “What’s our agenda?” or “Whom should we invite as a guest speaker?” Rather, the first item on the table is, “Where should we have it?”   Many employees, and some business owners, might assume.

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