February 4

Home Office Deduction 101

Reading Time: < 1 minute If your use of a home office is for your employer’s benefit or because you’re self employed, you may be able to deduct a portion of your mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, utilities and certain other expenses, as well as the depreciation allocable to the office space. Or you may be able to take the new, simpler, “safe harbor” deduction.

January 22

ACA additional Medicare tax

Reading Time: < 1 minute Unlike regular Medicare taxes, the additional Medicare tax doesn’t include a corresponding employer portion. But employers are obligated to withhold the additional tax to the extent that an employee’s wages exceed $200,000 in a calendar year.

December 23

How to Manage Employee Vacation Time

Reading Time: < 1 minute How to manage employee vacation time? Avoid the year-end vacation-time scramble!   Is your team  scrambling-up to use up vacation time because of restrictions on what can be rolled over to the new year? Or do you allow rollovers and have veteran employees who have been accumulating large vacation balances that could create a significant.

December 20

Goodwill in Maryland Marital Cases

Reading Time: 3 minutes Personal vs Enterprise Goodwill  Since the value of personal goodwill is generally not marital property in Maryland, it is important to understand the amount, if any, of personal goodwill included in the value of a professional practice or, in many cases, other types of businesses. I would suggest that there is an element of personal.

December 13

How to prepare for an IRS Tax Audit in the Construction Industry

Reading Time: < 1 minute The following checklists come from the actual Audit Techniques Guide that the IRS uses to examine construction companies. Once you know what the IRS is digging for, you can shore up weak spots and improve your documentation. Talk with your tax adviser for more information.

June 25

Welcome To Our Blog

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are excited about using this new communications tool and hope it will increase our collaboration and interaction with the public. The blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, and sharing best practices and – most importantly – giving us an opportunity to hear from you.

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