Lessons From The Apprentice

In one episode of the first season of Donald Trump’s highly-rated reality show “The Apprentice,” the contestants were given the challenge of selling artwork. Each team had to choose an emerging artist, take pieces of the artist’s work to a gallery, and sell them. The group that made the most money would win the challenge.


One team picked an artist because the prices on her work were high and they thought she had a built-in following. They didn’t particularly like the artist’s work (one contestant said it gave her nightmares). But the project manager said they were making a “calculated risk” because they thought the artist’s work would sell the best. The other group chose an artist with abstract paintings they really liked.


Results: The first group sold only $869 worth of art while the second sold a whopping $13,000. The losing team got “creamed,” Trump said, because they made the mistake of not believing in what they were selling.