Lanigan, Ryan History

Lanigan, Ryan was founded in 1990 by an experienced team who shared a clear vision:

“To help every client and every employee reach their growth and development potential.”


In order to achieve our vision, we have assembled and developed a team of acutely skilled professionals who can provide the tools, advice, knowledge and perspective required to help you achieve your vision.  Today we have a staff of 35 and are recognized as a leader in our field and our community.  We have been recognized by Accounting Today Magazine as one of the best accounting firms to work for and have received the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Corporate Responsibility Award for our charitable work.


Many of our clients started as small businesses and are now leaders in their industries. We form partnerships with owners that want to take the next steps in growth, but who may not have all the answers. Our great passion meets their great need and our knowledge, coupled with their drive, creates companies and environments that prosper.